Engineered, Bolted Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Dry Storage Tanks

Dry Storage tanks or silos provide storage for dry substances, such as corn, sugar, grain, gravel, sand, powders, wood chips, cement, plastic products, or a variety of other, non-liquid, low-level humidity or water-content products. Bolted, stainless steel tanks are perfect for storing dry goods because of their flexibility in expansion and mobility.  Bolted, stainless steel tanks also have low repair costs, coupled with a high resale value. They can be used in a variety of applications for the storage and processing of the following:

  • Food Storage
  • Grain tanks: flat bottom and cone-bottomed (hopper)
  • Dry Product storage
  • Dry Product Process tanks
  • Other Industrial dry storage, i.e. wood chips


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Client Testimonial

American Structures, Inc helped us recently on a large project in Texas. They have a great, very responsive sales, design, and manufacturing team in place, which are easy to work with.
– David Huff, President | Progressive Pumps Corporation