What is Glass-Fused-to-Steel?

Glass-Fused-to-Steel (Glass-Lined-Steel) is a unique tank finish. The two materials are fused together to achieve the best properties of both – the strength and flexibility of steel combined with the corrosion resistance of glass. Applied to both interior and exterior surfaces, Glass-Fused-to-Steel is able to provide many years of trouble free service in harsh environments.

This system has been proven over many decades on thousands of installations and is supported by international standards which cover the design and finish requirements, such as:
EN ISO 28765:2011, EEA 7.20, EEA 7,24, EEA 7.25, ANSI / AWWA D103-09, BS 5502, and NRCS.

[box]The modular, bolted tank construction principal allows the factory – quality finished panels to be economically shipped to site and erected within very tight timescales. With American Structures, Inc. ability to field a number of highly trained and professional erections crews throughout the United States, this ensures that our clients have the best variety of tank products, at the best price, and in the least amount of time.

Like stainless steel, glass-fused-to-steel tanks provide the following benefits:

  • Long life
  • Low capital cost
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Rapid installation
  • Ease of transport to site
  • Flexibility to re-model, extend, dismantle and relocate

For more information regarding our inventory of pre-owned Glass-Fused-To-Steel tank product line, please call American Structures, Inc. at
715.235.4225, email us at asi@ameristruc.com.