Potable water storage tanks provide storage solutions for a variety of clear water containment applications for water that can be consumed without concern for adverse health effects. Some examples of potable water storage tanks include:

Reservoirs, Standpipes, and Composite-Elevated Tanks

A water reservoir is an artificial holding container used to store, regulate or control potable water. Generally, reservoirs have a greater diameter than height and standpipes have a greater height than diameter. Standpipes are generally used for municipal and rural potable water storage, as well as industrial process water. Composite-elevated tanks are potable water storage tanks that are usually composed of a welded or bolted steel storage container atop a reinforced concrete pedestal or steel legs. They are gaining popularity in municipal water storage applications.

Clearwell Tanks

Clearwell Tanks are potable water storage containers that hold treated drinking water for a period of time before it is distributed in some manner for use or further treatment.

Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks

Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks can hold both potable and non-potable water, including reuse water, run-off water, and water collection tank water. Firewater tanks are used to store water, which can later be used for fire protection and/ or a combination of lawn care and restroom water utilization. Usually these tanks store raw water, which is intake water prior to any treatment or use.  Our firewater tanks meet all NFPA and FM standards.